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Enlarge GSM cell phones as wireless branches of PABX.Enlarge


CFM can be integrated with a PABX that has analogical interface lines or with a SIP PABX. In the first case, the analogical line interface of CFM is used and, in the second case, the integration is done through the ADSL broadband interface or cable modem to the Internet network. In both cases, the cell phones camped on the CFM become a wireless branches of the PABX. The SIP protocol is used for the call establishment and the RTP/RTCP protocol is used for transmission of the media. Each user of the GSM cell phone is a VoIP user registered on the PABX. Thus, the calls between cell phones camped on the same CFM or not, using the SIP number, are VoIP sessions and behave as branch to branch calls. Thus, the users of mobile devices keep all the facilities of call origination and termination through the cellular network and, moreover, may use the cell phones as wireless branch of PABX. Additionally, if the PABX is integrated with the fixed network through a MGw, the user can generate and receive external calls through it.


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