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The Innovatech Telecom is a company focused on the development of technological innovation projects in telecommunications. It was created in November 2003 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. Part of these professionals has extensive experience in research and development, especially at CPqD and UNICAMP, and others in telecommunication operation. Innovatech Telecom is located in Campinas-SP, Brazil, in an area of high technology in the region, and started its R&D activities on the integration of fixed and mobile services, seeking solutions with a high degree of innovation technology and great market potential. Therefore, the Innovatech Telecom developed the fixed-mobile concentrator, called CFM, which enables the achievement of convergence of fixed and mobile networks without any modification or investment in the network infrastructure already in place and brings many benefits to the users and the operator company.

As a result of the CFM development, Innovatech Telecom dominates and has several other technology solutions such as: PABX with cell phones as wireless branch, GSM vocoders, GSM physical layer and protocol stack layers 2/3, echo canceller, VoIP client, etc.

The Innovatech Telecom has also invested in the development of the latest wireless technologies like 4G-LTE and 5G.
Innovatech Telecom     Rua Paula Bueno, nº 1.140 - sala 21, Taquaral, CEP 13076-061 , Campinas (SP) - Brazil    Tel: +55 19 2511-4669 / Fax: +55 19 3234-1836