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Innovatech Telecom accepts services of customization and development based on their platforms, hardware, digital signal processing and protocols:

Design and implementation of hardware for DSPs and OMAP processors in wireless applications such as SDR (Software Defined Radio), GSM/GPRS modens, FPGAS, etc.
Layout and PCB design for RF.
Device drivers for Linux.

Softwares or algorithms for real time processing on DSPs and OMAP processors, such as vocoders, modens, encryption, echo cancellers, VoIP SIP telephone, etc.
Application of software e hardware based on the GSM and VoIP technologies.
PABX with GSM/3G-WCDMA or 4G-LTE cell phones as wireless branch.
Innovatech Telecom     Rua Paula Bueno, nº 1.140 - sala 21, Taquaral, CEP 13076-061 , Campinas (SP) - Brazil    Tel: +55 19 2511-4669 / Fax: +55 19 3234-1836