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The Fixed-Mobile Concentrator System (CFM) is a device for fixed and mobile telephony system convergence in a more simplified way for the user and optimized form for the operator. The CFM system allows an user of any GSM cell phone to originate or to receive calls through the fixed network. When the user is located in the coverage area of the CFM (residential or corporative indoor area), the CFM allows the user to have access to the fixed network services by using his own GSM cell phone, whatever, while the access to cellular network services is maintained. The user takes the advantage of the tariff benefits of fixed network. Several GSM cell phones may be able to make and receive calls from a single CFM. It is a low-cost device for the home or corporative users of fixed and mobile telephony developed in two versions:

Version with broadband interface: it has a digital interface with the fixed network through a broadband access such as ADSL or cable modem. In this version, up to 3 calls can be performed simultaneously by different GSM cell phones, using the same fixed line. The calls of each cell phone correspond to the different sessions of VoIP ("Voice over IP”) calls on the fixed network operator under full control of fixed, VoIP provider or mobile operator.

Version with analogical line interface: it has an interface to the analogical line of the fixed network. Due to the limitations of fixed line network, only one connection can be established at once over the same fixed line.


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